header image

i resized the header image to one third of original size for quicker download time…wordpress html displays the smaller image to appear the same as the original image!

2 thoughts on “header image

  1. yes, this is good advice to even the student who thinks they know how to write a web page although they are really filling out forms and the wordpress robot scripts are the ones who are actually writing the web page. nobody likes to wait while large graphic files are downloaded so instead a potential customer is off looking at some other page and might not return to your site again because they are so impatient about waiting for large downloads. i downloaded the original image to my local computer and used photoshop to resize the image and then uploaded it again to the media directory on my blog header.
    this comment is a test of the ‘post reply’ form provided by wordpress within their ‘free’ plan used by aom 58 (web development).
    i also want to report that as soon as i signed up for the wordpress account, their advertisements began to appear on my web based email accounts and my web based language translators.
    thank you, webmaster dave


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